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PE Colab HK Magtek Pack Fighter Black 4+3+4

PE Colab HK Magtek Pack Fighter Black 4+3+4

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Planet Eclipse working in collaboration with HK Army present a unique styling of the HK Army Magtek paintball harness - the most advanced magnetic harness on the market. Features superior Magnetic Straps which outlast standard velcro straps. Delivering cutting-edge technology, the Magtek Harness is in a class of its own.


  • Magnetic Holsters (4 magnets per holster)
  • Anatomically coherent back padding that flexes with your body motions for long lasting comfort
  • Stealth ejector system that conceals itself inside the padded holsters once the pod is removed
  • Padded holsters
  • First of its kind belt system which weaves through itself to create a secure fit around the waist and reduce harness bounce
  • Reinforced elastic loops and waistband
  • Anti-Slip Lumbar Support
  • 4-way Elastic "Eject" Pod Caps

WARNING! Produces a magnetic field which can be harmful to people who wear pacemakers. Keep clear of electronic devices.

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