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Eclipse S63 Tactical Barrel inc Rifled Lapco Insert Black 0.686

Eclipse S63 Tactical Barrel inc Rifled Lapco Insert Black 0.686

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The S63 First Strike Tactical Barrel Kit is the ultimate starting point for MagFed players looking to optimize their loadout. This 4-piece kit offers a multitude of features that combine to give the player unparalleled flexibility with the ability to build a system that is tailored to all of their needs, regardless of playing style.

> S63 Tactical. More control. More precision. More options, for the tactically-minded player.

The four piece system includes a tactical styled back, tactical grooved adaptor, a detachable muzzle brake and a Lapco rifled PWR Insert. These combine to produce an 11.25ö CQB barrel system that is optimised for First Strike Rounds and gives accurate and consistent performance. The rifled PWR Insert is manufactured in the USA by Lapco Paintball, one of the most highly regarded rifled paintball barrel manufacturers in the industry and features a .686 bore control insert with a unique threaded locking system. The rifled PWR insertÆs threaded section secures the insert into the tactical back section and prevents rotational movement when the FSR is fired.

The S63 Tactical barrel kit empowers players to build a system that suits a wide range of needs. The tactical back can be used with any Eclipse S63 tip to produce a longer, quieter 14.5ö barrel. The rifled insert can quickly and easily be switched out for any number of smooth-bore PWR inserts that are optimised for roundball, as opposed to First Strike Rounds. The adaptor, with its 7/8 -20 thread, is designed to accommodate any number of aftermarket accessories, from birdcage muzzle brakes to mock suppressors, or even Thunder Tips. This adaptor opens up a whole world of options when building a barrel system that appeals to the playerÆs unique tastes without compromising the exceptional performance that the S63 and PWR Insert system have to offer. It really is the best of all worlds.


+ 4-Piece Barrel Kit 11.25ö Length
+ Lapco Rifled PWR Insert - 0.686ö Dia 8.5ö Length (0.683ö also available)
+ Threaded Insert Locking System
+ Tactical Back with S63 threads
+ Tactical Adaptor with S63 and 7/8-20 Threads
+ Cocker Quick Threads
+ Muzzle Brake
+ S63 Compatible
+ PWR Insert Compatible
+ Barrel and PWR Inserts available in black only


+ Aluminium

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