Eclipse POPS w/No Rail Black

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The Eclipse POPS (Push On Purge System) is commonly accepted as one of, if not THE best, purging ASAs in the game.

It is simple and easy to use, with just a push of the bonnet to gas up, and a push of the button to de-gas.The Eclipse POPS comes fitted with a front-mounted 1/4 Inch macroline outlet and can be mounted to any Eclipse T-Slot configured frame or rail. It is sleek and stylish cuts are sure to enhance the appearance of any marker.

This POPS does not include any adapter rails. It does come ready to install into any Eclipse T-Slot fitting.


  • 1 x Eclipse POPS Assembly


  • Eclipse 2-Hole Rail
  • Eclipse V2 Mini Rail
  • Any Eclipse T-Slotted Frame