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Eclipse Gamma Core Bolt Remover & CF20/T15 Mag Winder Tool

Eclipse Gamma Core Bolt Remover & CF20/T15 Mag Winder Tool

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The essential dual-purpose tool for MagFed players using the EMF100 + CF20 Magazines.

This handy tool has two simple, yet incredibly handy functions. At one end, the three pins enable the player to unwind the EMF100 (and EMEK/Etha2) back caps for easy bolt assembly removal. And at the other end... a simple device that makes CF20 Magazine winding fast and easy.

95mm (3.75in) Length
Dual Purpose Tool
CF20 Mag Winder Tool
Bolt Assembly Removal Tool
Tough Construction
Compatible With EMF100, EMEK, Etha2, T15 and CF20 Magazines

High Quality POM Construction
Hardened Steel Pins

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