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Eclipse CS2 Mech POPS and Inline Kit Black

Eclipse CS2 Mech POPS and Inline Kit Black

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The CS2 Mech POPS and Inline Kit is a simple bolt-on kit for the CS2 Mech Frame to further increase the ease of swapping your CS2 between electronic and full mech configurations. The kit includes all the parts that are normally required to be swapped from the electronic frame to the mech frame when swapping between configurations. A new complete POPS assembly and all inline regulator parts as well as fixing screws are included in the kit, so that mech-to-electric, or electric-to-mech conversation becomes a simple two screw, and 30 second, swap.

Kit Includes

  • Complete POPS Assembly
  • Inline Reg Adjuster and Body Assemblies
  • Inline Reg Piston
  • Inline Reg Spring
  • Mounting Screws
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