MagFed... it's FUN!

MagFed... it's FUN!

It's no secret that our main product focus, since our very first EGO in 2005, has been at the very highest end of the paintball spectrum. But as time moves on and the paintball landscape has grown we've spent a considerable amount of time over the past number of years developing equipment to suit the broader range of paintball formats, and for those who play them. Our reason for this is simple. We want all players to have the very best quality gear possible, so they can do one thing. Focus on playing.

One of our recent releases, the EMEK EMG100 has taken us into the MagFed world, which has opened our eyes to a whole new style of gameplay and paintball player. A style that we've found... a LOT of fun. We recently took a handful of staff to an OMG Events MagFed game, to give our EMG100 a good run out. Needless to say everyone had a blast!

So if you're new to paintball, new to MagFed or you're an experienced MagFed player who's looking to add to their gear bag, the EMG100 needs to be on your hit list. Well built, incredible performance with an endless level of customisation options due to its built-in EMC Rail Kit, the EMG100 really is something special.

For more specs, pics, manuals and much more check it out Right Here.

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