Infamous win the ICPL Sunshine Classic

Infamous win the ICPL Sunshine Classic

Eclipse EMEK

LA Infamous take the Pro win at the ICPL Sunshine Classic in Florida. Their first major competitive event of 2020.

The ICPL's classic format gave Infamous the perfect opportunity to hit the Woodland and Hyperball fields with their trusty mechanical EMEKs and Gtek M170Rs.

Great to see a great team get a result they've worked so hard towards. No better confidence boost for Infamous as they prepare for the 2020 NXL Pro season. And perhaps dominate the ICPL league?

It's awesome to see Infamous back to winning ways and even more awesome to see players having fun shooting our EMEK and Gtek M170R mechanical paintball markers.

Winning is one thing, but having a blast with your buddies while doing it is special.


Photos: MM Photography


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