How far will the EMEK take me?

How far will the EMEK take me?

Since it's introduction, our rental and entry-level mech marker–the EMEK–caused quite a stir. By applying our values of performance, value and reliability the EMEK quickly outshone its peers and raised a few eyebrows.

For rental players and paintball park owners it provided a bullet-proof platform that was easy to maintain and one that customers really enjoyed using. Not only that, but customers wanting to play with their own gear could easily go out and buy one. But there's more to the EMEK than entry-level allure.

With the resurgence of mechanical paintball and old-school formats popping up across the globe the EMEK, with its great price point, fun playing experience and outstanding performance quickly became the marker of choice for experienced players. 

So, as a new player, buying your first marker and wondering how quickly you'll need to replace it all we can say is this. The EMEK will be your most faithful companion and still be with you as you progress as a player. And if you reach the point of needing more serious firepower, we have you covered.

Check out this link for the full EMEK Spec.

Have fun.

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