Eclipse Quake Barrel System

Eclipse Quake Barrel System

Another cool product to add to our lineup of MagFed gear is the awesome new Eclipse Quake barrel system.

Manufactured by Carmatech in the USA, the Quake barrel has been custom designed by Planet Eclipse to offer a lightweight, short (9" approx), flexible barrel system that provides First Strike Round users a noticeable advantage.

Its rifled core actively spins the First Strike round meaning the round leaves the barrel in a stable and steady manner to give the player the maximum opportunity for success.

The Quake barrel can be used in standard CQB format, which looks cool when attached to a CQB EMG100 loadout. Or simply remove the muzzle break and attach a Shaft compatible barrel tip for a complete 14.5" barrel with the benefit of the rifled back section.


Eclipse Quake and EMG100


Eclipse Quake Barrel Kit



EMG100 CQB with Eclipse Quake barrel


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