Eclipse MagFed

Eclipse MagFed

MagFed. We love it. We’re incredibly proud of our growing range of MagFed products and genuinely humbled by how quickly we’ve been accepted into the MagFed community. So much so that we've created a MagFed Division within Planet Eclipse. Simply named EMF. Eclipse Mag Fed. 

The EMF logo will feature across our range of MagFed product packaging as a stamp of quality, so customers know that each product has been custom designed, built and tested to work for them. As it should. Game after game. Without fail.

Eclipse MagFed

We’ve also tweaked the name of our awesome MagFed EMEK, the EMG100. This will now be called the EMF100 (Emek Mag Fed 100) which is a small change but one that helps us manage and promote our MagFed presence. 

If you're new to Planet Eclipse MagFed products then hit the link to see our complete MagFed collection:

> Eclipse MagFed Products

Again, we’d like to thank the MagFed community for welcoming us into their arms and trying our products. We'll continue to work hard to bring more great innovative MagFed products that look great and perform even better.

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